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Nanogen Fibre Locking Spray

Nanogen Fibre Locking Spray

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Nanogen Hair Fibre Locking Spray...

Nanogen Nanofibres Perfect Companion

Water Resistent - Generous application of the Locking Spray gives breakthrough levels of water resistance. Patent pending Hydroguard technology preserves the charge and binding of Nanofibres not just in the rain, but even when completely immersed in water. This means you can retain thick, natural hair density created by Nanogen fibres in rain or while swimming. Locking Spray also improves the water resistance of Aquamatch for complete confidence in all conditions. 

Secure - Protect your hair from UV whilst locking Aquamatch and Nanogen fibres in place through wind, rain, perpiration and even under water. The patent pending polymer blend also creates a perfect natural shine and finish.

100% Safe - Every Nanogen product is formulated specifically to be gentle on male and female thinning hair whilst maintaining efficiency. Locking Spray is specially formulated not to affect penetration of Minoxidil or any other topical treatment.

Protective - UV protective ingredients shield your hair and each micro fibre from colour damage. This preserves the perfect appearance of healthy, thickened hair all day.

Larger 100ml Bottle - Can be used to add shine to your natural hair, as well as to secure Conceal and Style products in place. You may use more because it is useful all over your hair.

Whats Changed - Locking Spray uses Nanogens patent pending Hydroguard technology, giving dramatically improved water resistance. Locking Spray can be used to give the same light hold as the previous product, or can be used in larger amounts to hold the Nanofibres in place in all conditions, even under water.

How it differs from normal hairspray - Locking Spray is dispensed as a finer mist compared to normal hairsprays. Normal hairspray can therefore cuase the fibres to clump together, reducing the natural effect of Nanogen fibres. Locking Spray is water resistent, and secures all fibres in wind, rain, perspiration, and even under water. Additionally, Locking Spray gives your hair and the fibres a consistent, natural shine. It will also not make your hair feel greasy or stiff.

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