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New Maxi Professional Topical Shader

New Maxi Professional Topical Shader

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Maxi Professional Hair Thickening Products  

Trichologist approved - Developed With Years of Hair Loss Experience Worldwide - Trusted Brand - Innovative Solutions 

*New* Updated Maxi Professional Topical Shader/Concealer

  • New Compact Size
  • All Natural Blendable Colours
  • Trichologist Approved 
  • Dual innovative applicators
  • Perfect for your hair and even beard and brows

Maxi Professional Topical Shader - An answer to your hair loss - At last an instant hair thickener that can be applied without fuss, and in just the right place.                                                                                                                                                      

Maxi Professional Topical Shader is an instant hair loss, hair thickening topical shading product trusted and recommended by trichologists and hair restoration professionals all over the world. Its recommended for all types of hair loss, hair thickening or scalp concealing, whether it be male pattern baldness or alopecia and even beards and brows. It is safe to be used with hair transplants(fully healed), it will not affect the growth of your hair and can also be used alongside hair systems and hair growth products. A perfect all round versatile solution that's as good on its own or combined with other products.

Testimonial - "Hi I have just started to suffer from alopecia and decided to shave my head, unfortunately you could see my bald patch however today after trying many cover up lotions etc I came across your product it's excellent thank you so much"  Mr J, West Yorkshire

Dual Action thickening and concealing -  It gives the appearance of thicker hair instantly and unlike other products has dual action. It works by giving added density and fullness to thin hairs and with a dual effect means it can also be used to colour the scalp causing the scalp to disappear ending scalp show through. Unbelievable results instantly. With maximum control over its application in all areas, it can be blended in gradually and exactly where needed. Go about your normal routine with upmost confidence, it will stay on until you next wash your hair. A Perfect Hairline and Ultimate Confidence!

Maximum Control Application! 2 types of applicator now means even greater control and clean, quick, accurate application. Apply exactly where needed and how much is needed. Unlike sprays and creams. 

If you have small bald areas or areas of thinning hair, it will work wanders for you. It's effective for men and women for any age, hair type, style length or colour.

Long lasting and great value.

Size: 2 x 10gm discs - 20gm Total with dual applicators

Colours: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown

Estimated Delivery: 2-3 working days

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